Best Single Speed Bikes 2020

This site has reviewed some of the best single speed bikes on the market. We’ve taken a closer look at each bike’s frame and the components in order to provide you with a realistic look at what you’ll be getting should you purchase one of these models. We have also provided you with real consumer input, from individuals who have purchased and used these bikes. We discuss the good, the bad and the replaceable components, how these bikes actually ride out on the street and how durable they really are. We hope that you’ll be able to make an educated decision on your next fixie single speed bike purchase, based on the information we’ve provided.

A common question is why a single gear bike? Why would someone want a bike that cannot even coast? First off, single speed bikes aren’t as expensive as multi-geared bikes, they also don’t require as much maintenance. Single speed bikes are perfect for riding around town or commuting to work.

They’re also a perfect choice if you’re someone who enjoys riding for exercise and you do so at least a few times a week. People who want to bike ten to fifteen miles to work will enjoy one challenging workout riding a fixie single speed bike. Aside from the obvious aesthetic considerations, the major reason why someone would want to use single speed bike would be the simplicity of these models. The only components that need to be changed on these models regularly are the brake pads. With only a chain and a couple of brake cables, there isn’t much that can go wrong with this type of bike. With a multi-geared bike you’ll have to worry about derailleur alignment and changing cables. Basically, a multi-geared bike can be pretty high maintenance, and with this type of maintenance comes inconvenience and additional cost.

Now if you simply want a single speed bike for pleasure, this is the type of bike that can bring back the type of joy and enthusiasm you experienced riding your bike as a child. You probably aren’t aware of the amount of mental energy you use when shifting on a multi-geared bike. With single speed bikes you’re able to just enjoy your surroundings.

Single speed bikes are meant to ride on cultivated terrain. This means sidewalks and paved streets. If you think about it, when you’re riding around town on a multi-geared bike, you’re only really using a couple of the gears out of about twenty-seven. Yet, you’ll still be required to maintain entire gear drivetrains. Because of this, switching to a fixie single speed saves both money and time.

This type of bike is also considerably more energy efficient. With less components to weigh the bike down and a chain that’s got a direct line between the chain ring and cog, without the need to run through the derailleur, pedaling seems a lot simpler and easy.

If you have found the bike of your dreams on Amazon, it’s important that you know the correct frame size before you purchase. We recommend heading down to your local bike shop and speaking with staff who can help you to determine the right frame size for you.  Riding a bike that’s too big or small can be dangerous, not to mention returning a bike that doesn’t fit right via mail can be a huge hassle, so find out the frame size you need ASAP.  Keep in mind a good fixie will cost two to four-hundred dollars. Prices may vary depending on upgrades and frame size.

Best Single Speed Bikes

Best Single Speed Bikes

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Best Single Speed Bikes 2020


The Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike features a pursuit style handlebar, including a drop function for a variety of riding positions, a track bike frame for an aggressive riding stance and minimal wiring for a sleeker design. A high rated model, consumers loved how this bike performed out on the street, allowing for easy maneuvering in high traffic areas, on a number of cultivated terrains.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike Review: Top Features

Equipped with tubes and tires by Thickslick, a KMC chain and ultra-comfortable grips, the frame’s classic streamlined look is a total head turner and weighs in at just twenty-two to twenty-four pounds, depending on the size of frame you purchase.

The front radius brake and classic BMX style pedals are the perfect touch to this well-built machine.

Pure Cycles created the ultimate fixie model when they came out with the Original Fixed Gear speed bike, a design that can be best described as a mixture of elegance and simplicity.  This fixie features an urban geometry frame with a straight fork, both of which are made from highly durable high tensile steel.

The bike’s headset, which is thread-less, cradles the bullhorn pursuit handlebars, with added handlebar tape for a better grip. The seat is a classic road style saddle which may need to be upgraded for more comfort. The radius brakes stop with impressive power and can be easily removed for tricking. The bike’s hubs are classic Quando, which are special made for Pure Cycles bikes.

Tires, Pedals and Assembly for this Pure Cycles Fixie Bike

The tires are 700 x 28 C Thickslick which give the rider control and perfect floor contact. The Wellgo cages and pedals connect the ride to the Lasco three piece sealed bearing crankset.

Great as a daily commuter or just for recreational use, this model has it all. Not only does it feature a slick, aggressive look, but it also provides a surprisingly smooth ride. The bike’s matte black finish with logos also in black, give it a more urban fixie feel.

This model is also very easy to assemble, taking approximately thirty to forty minutes total. It’s recommended that you check the chain tension and tighten all the screws before you take it out for the first ride.

2. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes 2020

The 6KU Aluminum is a single speed fixie with a stylish urban feel. Equipped with 30 MM anodized wheels and matching hubs, you can choose from five different color schemes, all of which are complete head turners. However, the quality of this model goes far beyond its appearance.

6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike Review: A Closer look at the Components on the Edge

The bike’s flip flop hubs allows you to switch from single speed to fixie in an instant. This model also includes a crankset made from double wall alloy, deep V style hubs, KMC chain, and solid alloy brakes.

Most beginner bikes require you to replace some of the components before you can enjoy your ride. For the Edge you may need to replace the stock saddle, a common issue for most bikes. Other than that, you’re good to go.

The bike’s frame is made from high tensile steel, for a stable ride on a bike that’s easy to maneuver. Out on the road the bike accelerates easily and the brakes work smoothly. The bike’s calipers and levers hold up well, while the gearing keeps your ride going smoothly.

Product Assembly and Needed Upgrades for this Fixie by 6KU

This bike arrives in a few boxes, requiring a little experience with bike assembly in order to do it yourself. If you have no experience putting bikes together then it’s recommended that you have it done professionally, which will cost you about thirty dollars at your local bike pro shop.

If you decide to assemble the bike yourself, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while putting your new bike together. Before you take it out on the road you’ll also need to lube the chain, which comes unlubricated. Also, the brake pads have a similar appearance but they’re actually different styles, so you’ll need to pay close attention to this when you’re installing them. Take the time to tighten all the screws and bolts on the bike before you complete the assembly. Last of all, you may want to purchase a new saddle before you ride. The stock seat works well for short rides, but on longer ones it can get pretty uncomfortable, fast.

According to some consumers, this model doesn’t feature the best tires, so they could probably use an upgrade also, after about one year of rough riding.

3. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

Best Single Speed Bikes Under 500

The Retrospec Harper is a single speed fixie bike with flip flop hub.  Featuring 45 MM deep V anodized wheels and matching hubs, platform pedals and a 700 c tig-welded frame. Best described as a stylish urban fixie, the bike’s rear flip flop hub with a free-wheel cog will allow the rider to switch to fixed or single speed in an instant, simply by lifting the rear wheel.

Retrospec Harper Single Speed Fixie Review: Top Features

The fork and geometry frame are both tig-welded, made from high tensile steel. The bike’s tires are 28 C, which provide improved contact and control when riding on cultivated terrain.

The bike’s striking design and aggressive looking color scheme give this bike an edge. But behind the stylish design is a bike that offers a forged alloy crankset, 45 MM deep V anodized hubs and wheelset, and platform pedals. The amount of assembly required is minimal at best, involving handlebar, tire and saddle installation.

The fixed gear single speed combination is a big selling point for most bike enthusiasts that want to enjoy the best of both worlds. The bike’s cog is directly tied to the motion of the pedals.

What Consumers had to say About the Harper

Some consumers had complaints regarding the bike’s brakes, which could stick at times and were too squeaky. This is a simple and common upgrade that’s pretty cheap to do.

Not meant to be used as a bike for tricking, this bike rides the best on sidewalks and paved streets. For a daily commuter the Harper is perfect. Riding hard will require some basic maintenance, such as lubing the chain and airing the tires once a week. It’s completely normal for air to slowly leak from the tires, requiring a pump up about once a week, depending on how often and how far you ride your fixie.

Weighing in at twenty-two pounds this model seemed too heavy for some consumers, however, it’s actually pretty light for a steel frame bike. If you’re looking for a lighter model you made need to checkout a bike that’s made out of aluminum or titanium, which are designed for speed.

A great choice for bicyclist on a budget, the Retrospec Harper is a stunning bike built for durability. The bike’s ability to switch from single speed to fixie will definitely give your legs a workout, or you can choose to simply coast. Most bikes require upgrades for many of the stock components. It’s a way to make your bike feel truly customized and it also allows you to change components based on your personal preference, it’s not just based on the quality of the stock parts. Common upgrades for this model include different sized platform pedals, brakes and a more comfortable saddle.


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